Buying Guide for Gay Weddings and Gay Anniversaries


Finding a fitting gift for a gay friend or their partner is proving to be a daunting task to many.  This guide aims to give you ideas on how, what and where to buy the perfect gift for gays.

There are just few reminders that you need to know:

  • Careful that you choose a gift that’s not offensive to the gay couple
  • Consider the likes and dislikes of your gay friend
  • Set a budget
  • Consider the occasi

Spa Gift Certificate for two

Chances are your gay friend is over worked and a pamper treatment at a spa is what he needs. Check if there’s a spa he frequents and it would be nice to purchase the certificate from them

Sports Equipment for Sporty Gays

First off you should know what sports he’s in and find something that he can really use during his work out or games. Light weight water bottles are always what they need and you can be safe there. You can also give him a gym pass so he can try out that new gym class. Stay away from multivitamins and supplements because you wouldn’t know his allergy history.

One never have too many watches

Do you agree? You can never go wrong with watches. Choose either a watch he can wear at work or a watch he can wear when working out or even a watch for casual wears. It does not need to be expensive just look for something that has great design and quality.

But what to give a gay person that has everything you can think of?

There’s an artistic sculpture that’s been handcrafted SPECIFICALLY for gay men. You can find it at THE ART OF HAPPINESS GALLERY. It’s tastefully done and it will get lots of ohhs and ahhs from whoever sees it in display. His gay friends might even WISH to have one!

Here’s how it looks when displayed on an office desk or at home:

Visit, for more information on the SOULMATES MEN sculpture. I know they have a special FREE giftwrapping service that you can request when you order. You can even ask them to attach a hand written card on the gift.

The bottom line is give something that comes from your heart and you will never go wrong with that.

Perfect Gifts for Gay Weddings

Gifts for Gay Weddings

You were invited to your gay friends’ wedding and you have no idea what to give them as wedding gift. To be honest, gay weddings are like any other wedding you’ve been to because ultimately it’s a celebration of love between to people. The best way to determine what the best gift for them is to think about their interests and their hobbies and find something related to the things they like.

If you want to give something more than the usual gifts, think of something that both of them can cherish and at the same time be reminded of their love and commitment to each other. Here are some suggestions to help you along:

Gay Sculptures as Gifts for Gay Weddings

Look for something that’s creative and not bordering to trashy. A sculpture that the couple can display on their living room or bedroom to remind everyone of the love and bond they both share. Be careful on what you choose because sometimes it could be awkward to give them just a gay sculpture. A very subtle and elegant gay sculpture can be ordered online and I have not seen anything as loving and as beautiful as this.

Artworks as Gifts for Gay Weddings

Ask your favorite artist to create a commissioned artwork for you which shows your interpretation of the couple’s love and marriage.This gift is a timeless and elegant gift to hand to your gay friends.

Whatever you decide to wrap and give, what matters most is the prayer and hope in your heart that their marriage will last and will make them better persons.